Saturday, 12 November 2011

Edith's rug: day 3

Here are the 5 rags plus 1 yarn I am using. in addition, not shown here, is a good quality tomato red woollen coat which Aggie never liked.
Reading from left to right:
1. pink tweedy coat, EBay
2. Russet knit sweater, EBay
3. Fuchsia coat, EBay
4. Orange scarf, EBay - good colour but I am a little worried about the yarn, may be too fragile. I am doubling it up.
5. Alberto Ferretti skirt of Edith's
6. Dyed unspun wool, EBay
Total cost of specially purchased items: £28.85
Hessian: £3.50
Tools: reusable
Total cost of materials: 32.35

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