Friday, 11 November 2011

Edith's rug, second day

My plan is to use the red rays as guidelines, filling in the gaps inbetween with a hearty variety of pinks and oranges.
I don't like the dayglo orange. But here's the thing: the joy of rag rugs - this type, at any rate - is that if you don't like a colour after you have started using it, you just pull it out and put in a different one. Fortunately I acquired a nice sludgy autumnal orange and a very clear orange - both woollen cloth - which more than amply replace the dayglo orange (taken from a cheap sweater).
This rug is already acquiring a very organic feel to it, despite the fact that the fabrics used for it are from not particularly organic sources such as Marks and Spencer, Next, Primark and Alberto Ferreti (Edith's favourite that she is coming out of her illness, thankfully it does not fit her any more so we can say GOODBYE to it.


  1. hi. I remember your mentioning a speed shuttle which was a search I was following. what kind you you use? there are several. lovely work.

  2. I got mine from Jenni Stuart Anderson.