Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sourcing materials

Buying the tools was the easy bit. Now I am having quite a job sourcing materials to turn into rag rugs.

I would be glad to hear from anyone who has any ideas for sources...or even who feels like donating a few bits and pieces themselves.
I have raided everybody's cupboards. I think there are a few suits still left in my DH's wardrobe which he's hoarding away from me, even though he never wears them. While I'm working out my cunning plan to release these suits from captivity and rip them to shreds I have to face the fact that I must go elsewhere for my stuff.

So far I have...
  • Put messages on local Freecycle lists. Result: about four nice replies, mostly people who say they will bear me in mind when bagging up charity-shop items in future. And one who said, yes, come and get my bag of stuff ASAP!
  • Sent messages round to friends and various groups I am a member of: for example, the West and North West London Doula UK branch. Results: very promising. Lovely doulas are always keen on any kind of recycling activity and several emailed me straight back.
  • Left messages on Facebook and Twitter. Results: nothing so far.
  • Explored dumps and recycling depots. Results: disappointing. The guys at the local dump (ever noticed that the blokes who work in dumps are always so nice?) told me, regretfully, that they are absolutely NOT allowed to let me root around in their big textile bin. They have to lock it up every night. "The Poles come and raid it otherwise." ( can they tell if they are Polish just from CCTV footage?) There is a big textile recycling depot tantalisingly near me and they aren't answering their emails.
  • Checked out the times and days of regular car boot sales near me. Crikey, I had no idea there were so many! Hounslow on Saturday mornings; Chiswick Community College and Hammersmith Grove on Sunday mornings. Many, many more. I am looking forward to my first car boot sale.
  • Bought stuff on Ebay. Ridiculous! I am paying postage for everything! And the first thing that arrived was a Wallis jacket which I liked so much I decided to wear it instead. Well, it was only £3.99...

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