Tuesday, 8 November 2011

PRODDY small project 2: sunflower bag

I bought 4 of these plain hessian bags from Jenni to decorate and possibly give as gifts. This is my first effort. It is a little lopsided but not so's you'd notice. Not sure I want to work much on these bags; I hadn't realised that the hessian is backed with plastic which makes pushing the proddy through even harder work than it is normally.
I've put this bag on Etsy.com for sale. Etsy.com seems to be an enormous site populated by craftspersons far more clever than me so I may have just lost the twenty cents (US $) insertion fee on this; I can't imagine anyone ever finding my little bag among the mountains of stuff there, most of which is in the USA anyway.
For this flower I used scraps donated to me by www.emmalovesretro.co.uk who lives round the corner.
My hands hurt, especially the ball of my right thumb. That bodger is a bugger.
Today I collected another bag of discarded clothing, nearly all bright cottons, from a kind neighbour who saw my plea for unwanted textiles on hammersmithandfulhamfreegle@yahoogroups.com.
Thanks Cheryl!

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