Monday, 7 November 2011

EQUIPMENT: I am now a hooker and a stripper

It's just over a week since I went on Jenni Stuart Anderson's rag rug course and I have so far purchased:
Speed shuttle (useless until I have a large frame..have requested one for Christmas)
book by Jenni
rotary cutter
non-slip rule
self-healing mat
Rigby stripper I found second hand on Ebay - what a find!
2 different embroidery frames
Hessian  5m
Hessian bags for making into Xmas presents
bargain coats, sweaters on Ebay (must stop doing this)
Aluminium ruler

I have also located several weekend car boot sales locally and a textile sorting facility at Park Royal - who haven't answered my emails yet, blast them.

The nicest thing is that I sent out an email to the Doula UK sorority appealing for old clothes to turn into rag rugs. Got lots of emails back. Everyone loves the idea.

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